We see NAUKLUFT EXPERIENCE as a vehicle of future development for the local environment and its inhabitants.

The central theme of NAUKLUFT EXPERIENCE, namely to preserve the natural environment for the future, will also be applied from a social and economic point of view, as well as in respect of the different cultures of the communities that live here.

Our endeavours are to further develop and sustain the Naukluft as a strongly attractive destination for future generations through meaningful cooperation with all the affected communities and by creating jobs for qualified people.

Tourism should add value to the independent and active development of the area over the long term. Such development should also create new opportunities for its inhabitants.

The trademark NAUKLUFT EXPERIENCE signifies the joint tourism activities on offer.


The tourism mission for the Ababis and BüllsPort Guest Farms, as discussed in May 2004, serves as the foundation for the long-term development of the region by way of the NAUKLUFT EXPERIENCE trademark.

NAUKLUFT EXPERIENCE abides by the principles of Article 95(l) of the Namibian Constitution, namely, to maintain “… ecosystems, essential ecological processes and biological diversity of Namibia and utilisation of living natural resources on a sustainable basis for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future …”.

An essential element of the mission is to involve the local community more intensively in the tourism initiative. This will be achieved through an education proposal in collaboration with the Hardap Regional Council.


In terms of developing tourism in the area, the goals of NAUKLUFT EXPERIENCE are as follows:

  • To offer a diverse and lively programme all year round on the basis of our geographical potential, ranging from new experiences and activities for the traveller, to simply relaxing.
  • To ensure that the locals and our guests know, treasure and protect the natural beauty of the Naukluft. Guests also receive information on the history, the different cultures, the flora and fauna, as well as the geology of the Naukluft.
  • To offer quick and accurate information via an international system (the Internet), and have the guest farms serve as information centres in the valley.
  • To ensure the Naukluft Experience, with its diversity and strengths, is featured strongly in the national and international media.
  • To offer value for money to our domestic and foreign guests.

All of this can only be achieved if we can include the inhabitants of the Hardap Region in our venture through training.

Naukluft, October 2004

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